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Serving In Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Life and Legacy

Serving In Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Life and Legacy

Buffalo, New York – January 12, 2012 – In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s life of service groups from The Belle Center, None Like You/We Care and other volunteers will spend their Martin Luther King Day serving in the Buffalo community. Together they will team up to work on the Willie Cantyand N. Massy Healthy Home Education and Research project.

The MLK Day of Service project will take place at 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. January 16, 2012 at 276 Southampton Street Buffalo, NY 14208. The Belle Center & None Like You/We Care volunteers will assist with scrapping and painting the facility and building an in-door green house. Tools and supplies for the service project are being supplied by The Home Depot Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, NY location.

On this day, Dr. Martin Luther King’s life and legacy prompts community members of all ages and ethnicities nationwide to spring into action and not take a day off, but commit to a day on, by serving and making a difference in the community. Members of the Young Heroes and Buffalo AmeriCorps program’s from The Belle Center are excited to unite in order to help a local organization in need. “Service is a part of our lifestyle at The Belle Center and to get the opportunity to help another non-profit organization’s dream come to fruition on such a historic day as MLK day, makes this project all the more meaningful.” Young Heroes Program Director-Daytuan Antonetti

This eco-friendly renovation project is being performed in dedication to Willie Cantyand N. Massy who are now deceased, but former stakeholders in the Buffalo community. The two men “had a dream” of creating a house big enough to serve and teach members in the community about how to perform internal home improvements and community gardening. Ultimately, plans for this house include: creating a library room, a green house, tutoring/mentoring areas, a workshop area and an outside community garden.