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Memorable Experience Tours

Memorable Experience Tours

Buffalo, New York –We are inviting Western New Yorkers from far and wide to join us for The Memorable Experience Tour, that allows the WNY community to experience “What’s Happening At The Belle Center?” The tour creates awareness about our program structure, where we are now and what our vision is for the future! For one hour of your time you can experience how one Lower West Side community center is having great success in helping to transform the community and city, by placing a greater emphasis on “education” rather than just “recreation.”

Tours are one hour, twice a month at The Belle Center 104 Maryland St. Buffalo NY. To register for The Memorable Experience Tour contact: Michael Szymanski at 716-845-0485 ext. 215 or go to: Allow us to have one hour of your time. Take a look below to view just a fraction of the amazing things that are taking place at the Center!

Jocelyn Rivera is a 4th grade student in School Age Child Care (SACC) at The Belle Center. She attends Waterfront Elementary School. Before Jocelyn enrolled at The Belle Center she was failing nearly every subject in school. Today, thanks to tutoring and mentoring by SACC staff, she now has an average of 82! She wants to make the Merit Roll next quarter and we believe she’s right on track to do so!

School Age Child Care works with the parents of the students enrolled in the program. Here is what Jocelyn’s mom had to say when coming to enroll her two children in SACC: “When I first arrived at The Belle Center, I noticed that the building from the outside is very well maintained and is not an eye sore, then I had to be buzzed in (ok, so far so good). Mr. James (SACC Director) explained to me the things that The Belle Center offers and one was assistance with homework, not just seeing if the kids did it, but helping them to better understand what it is that they are working on. School work comes first, there is time put to the side to allow for that and they try and make learning fun. There is also time for play, a reward if you will. Once you have finished your homework without feeling rushed to get it done you are allowed to have fun activities to rest your mind. The kids are also cooked a hot meal before I come and pick them up after I get off work. My kids seem to have a good time there and I see them growing and learning and maturing in ways that I never imagined. Dance, Science, the year book club… the list can go on with the things my children are coming home talking about and a shine on their little faces as they do, makes me as a mom not worry and happy that they are not only being taken care of but also are enjoying themselves.” -Sharon Turner-Rivera
P.S.: We are proud to say that Jocelyn Rivera reached her goal and made the Merit Roll and is now looking to go even further!